Don’t Miss It!  

by Gerry Blitz 

Are you excited to be living in this day? I am and I hope you are as well. It is amazing to see Holy Spirit stirring hearts in many places and in growing numbers. Father God is impressing upon his people a new urgency to share Christ with those around them. For us at Ten Million for Christ, God has called us to build a body of evangelists who live a 24/7 lifestyle focused on calling lost people to Christ.

As we know, Christ came into a dark world. For the most part, the chosen people of God in his generation missed their destiny. Generation upon generation looked with expectancy for the Messiah to come. In fact, when the Magi went to Jerusalem seeking the new King of the Jews, the chief priests and scribes (teachers and experts of the law) were able to tell the Magi exactly where he was to be born. (Matthew 2:1-6) These leaders had the opportunity to welcome the Messiah but didn’t, because they didn’t see with their eyes what their own mouths stated. They had created man-made expectations about who the Messiah would be and what he would look like. Because God didn’t act like they expected, because He didn’t move in the way they anticipated, they didn’t see Him. Let’s not miss this prophetic moment: the largest harvest of souls in all of world history. What a blessing to live in such a time as this. Even so, we must not sit idly by! No, you and I have a God-given destiny and assignment to fulfil. 

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TMFC 2020 Highlights

Eugen Iordahce, Middle

Ten Million for Christ hosted our first pastor from Romania, Eugen Iordache. Two highlights were Eugen’s participation as a guest speaker at our Men’s Breakfast and our visit to Mountainside Bible Church where he preached. A young man from the community was visiting Mountainside that day for the first time and after the service, prayed with Jeremy to receive Christ as his Savior!

The Business Leadership Team was poised to minister in Romania in March where three business and leadership seminars were being planned.  This trip unfortunately was postponed due to travel restrictions, but it was still a victory for TMFC as our foundation of partners in Romania grew and the team is still hoping to minister in March of 2021.

Lisa Hosler from Align Life Ministries gave a stirring challenge at the Women’s Luncheon in September.   Lisa’s passion for sharing the gospel resonates with TMFC’s vision for The 24/7 Evangelist and the work our local evangelists will do in planting gospel seeds and opening doors to gospel conversations.  Her message reminded us that we are all ambassadors of Christ!

Tabita Quashigah is joining the 24/7 Evangelist Movement

The 24/7 Evangelist has been launched as we are casting this vision to key leaders and inviting men and women to join this movement.  Recently, board member Tabita Quashigah, became our second local evangelist!  She will be starting the 24/7 team in the Harrisburg area.  We believe The 24/7 Evangelist will become a major vehicle in bringing people to faith in Christ!

Gerry Blitz has begun working full time with Ten Million for Christ as our Director of Operations.  Gerry will be responsible for our events, communications, ministry teams, church partnerships, grant proposals and much more.  This is a game changer for TMFC as Jeremy will be able to give more time and energy to building teams in Romania and launching The 24/7 Evangelist.

Eugen and Nicoleta Iordache began serving as paid staff this summer and are doing a great job building our TMFC team in Galati, Romania.  They have hosted three events including a pastor’s luncheon and an entrepreneurship seminar and have started a “Friends of TMFC” team.  Their work and leadership will be instrumental in Ten Million for Christ’s growth throughout Romania.

Three young men committed their lives to Christ during 2020 as their paths crossed with Ten Million for Christ. Pray that these men grow in their personal relationship with Jesus and develop friendships with other believers.

3rd Annual Flag Football Tournament 


Thank you to all who joined us at our 3rd Annual Flag Football Tournament and Chicken BBQ!  We had a great day of weather, football, and chicken BBQ!

We started out the day with eight teams and after our round robin play, four teams advanced to the semi-finals:  Navy, Red, A Couple of Dudes, and the Warwick Warriors. Our congratulations to all of these teams and especially Navy, our tournament champions!

The day was also punctuated by many other relationship-building opportunities and great conversations. We had more spectators this year than in the past and our tournament proceeds hit the $12,000 mark!  God was at work in all of these and many other ways. Our gratitude to everyone who played, volunteered, bought chicken, or joined us as spectators – it was a great community event!


Launching a Movement of Local Evangelists

On May 1, 2020, Ten Million for Christ launched a movement of Local Evangelists called  “The Unknown Evangelist.” This ministry arm of TMFC is going to raise up men and women of all ages, validate their evangelistic gift and call, and commission them to go into the world and lead people to repentance and new life in Christ. Most of our local evangelists will never become well known, hence our name, “The Unknown Evangelist.” We are starting small in Lake County, Florida, but will then grow into Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and later this summer, Galati and Cluj-Napoca, Romania. While we aren’t a worldwide movement yet, we invite you to stand with us in faith and pray that God will bless our launch, multiply us quickly, and grow us into a worldwide movement that leads millions of people to a place of surrender, making Jesus their personal Savior and Lord!

Learn more about the Local Evangelist Movement here