Ten Million for Christ is Celebrating!

by Gerry Blitz

This year Ten Million for Christ celebrated its second anniversary. In July we celebrated the Lord’s goodness in a corporate gathering. So, for this post, we at TMFC want to take time to thank the Lord and proclaim his goodness!

The book of Joshua recounts the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and entering the promised land. You can read the full story in Joshua 3 and 4, but I want to focus on a few points here. God performed an amazing miracle by stopping the raging river when the priests entered the water. After everyone crossed over on dry ground, the Lord commanded Joshua to have the 12 appointed men each take a stone from the middle of river to use as a memorial for future generations. The Lord intended the stones as a reminder to future generations of his mighty and miraculous provisions so that they might fear him. With that in mind, I would like to recount the goodness of the Lord as a reminder of his provision in situations where we could not have succeeded on our own. We have much to be thankful for!

As I write this, Jeremy is on the second of three trips to Romania this year. He and Keith Yoder, Ten Million for Christ Board Chair, are laying the foundations for TMFC teams by inviting people to partner with us to build teams that are active year-round in Romania. In 2018, during the first trip after Ten Million for Christ was launched, Jeremy and Duval Denlinger reestablished relationships Jeremy made long ago. The Lord breathed new life into dormant friendships, paving the way to actively partner with churches in Galati as we have this year. The Leaman family ministry trip last summer followed up with more service and ministry in Romania and cemented old friendships even as new ones were formed.

This spring, Jeremy and I were able to activate one of the key ministry strategies for impacting the business world by hosting leadership and business development seminars in three cities across Romania. The Lord worked amazingly to bring together churches and individuals to make the seminars happen. In the wonderful mix of people who attended, we were able to identify couples and individuals who share our passion for evangelism and want to impact their cities and business communities. We believe that many future TMFC team members will be born out of these groundbreaking events. The Lord’s faithfulness was evident on this trip as he sustained us and gave us the words to say to connect with our audiences.

There is also another trip planned – for September 11-19! Jeremy, along with TMFC board member and prayer team coordinator Janice Baldauf, will be leading a prayer team to spend over a week on the ground in Romania. They will spend time soaking Galati and Cluj in prayer, encouraging ministry and business leaders, conducting prayer walks and treasure hunts, as well as, ministering to the hurt and broken. Team members, Alyssa Waite, James Richter, Lydia Landis, Mike Ingold, and Nancy Eberly will be standing together with our partners in each city asking for God to pour out his Holy Spirit and bring revival. We are trusting God that this trip will be groundbreaking and have results that will be felt for generations to come.

Barry Omar of Songs in Parables blessed Ten Million for Christ with our own song and original artwork. Here Barry presents the artwork to Jeremy and Keith Yoder, Board President.

Here in the States, TMFC has also felt God’s provision and goodness. We have witnessed time and again that God, “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20-21). This year we hosted our Second Annual Men’s Breakfast. God moved mightily on the hearts of the men there, and as a result, we were able to greatly reduce an operating deficit.

The Summer Ministry Campaign was kicked off with the Day of Giving in June. We were overwhelmed with the response. Our goal was to raise $25,000 to fund activities in Romania, including introducing our first two coaches with the John Maxwell program; to cover a portion of the prayer team mission trip cost; and to increase staff hours. Jeremy’s dream was to see $30,000 invested in the Kingdom work TMFC is doing. In true Ephesians 3:20-21 style, we saw God go above even that dream! In the end, over $33,000 was invested into the work we are doing. This included numerous matching gifts and many new partners. As a result of the Day of Giving and an additional generous partnership, I am able to join TMFC on staff one day a week!

We are also planning our second Women’s Luncheon on Saturday, August 17. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing location to host this event.  We’re hoping to gather a hundred or more women to enjoy beautiful food and fellowship with other women and to hear Donna Shuler, President of Shalom Services, bring a message called “Born Free!”.

The final event this year is our Second Annual Flag Football Tournament and Chicken BBQ. Last year we were amazed at how God brought together planners, players, and partners to make this all-day event a success. Through this event, TMFC’s vision was spread widely through the community and we made many new ministry friends.

Please join us in celebration and thanksgiving as we declare, as Psalms 100:8 says, “The Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”! Please also join with us in continual prayer for the Holy Spirit to be poured out in Romania and America, brining many millions to Christ.



Impacting the Spiritual Landscape in Galati

by Gerry Blitz

As we approach the Fourth of July, Americans are preparing to take time to celebrate what is special about our country and the blessings that we have been given. For those of us living in Lancaster County, one of those blessings is the abundance of churches. Driving through the countryside, you can often see white steeples sticking out among the corn fields and rolling hills, sometimes two or three in near proximity. Large, non-traditional church structures also populate the landscape and add to the aura that God is at work in our region. Within these walls, no matter the architectural design, an evangelical gospel is being preached, a gospel that places great importance on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. The priority that is given to this message in our home towns, is the greatest of blessings that we will ever know. All of us at Ten Million for Christ celebrate this life-changing good news that Jesus is the resurrection and the life!  But we want more–not just in Lancaster, but also in Romania where steeples also dot the landscape but the importance of personal salvation and reaching a lost world with the message of a personal Savior is often missing.

In this post, I want to introduce you to the county of Galati (pronounced Ga-LOTS) and its largest city with the same name. Ten Million for Christ has the longest and deepest ties in Galati, Gabriela’s home town where Jeremy led a mission team in the early 90’s. To give you an idea of its size, the population of the county is about 530,000 people of which a little less than half live in the city itself. (Lancaster County has about the same amount of people but they are squeezed into roughly half the size.)  There are more than 180 cities, towns, and villages in Galati County but only 33 have an evangelical church dedicated to reaching their communities. While the city has a handful of evangelical churches, they only comprise 1-2% of the population. Compounding the issue of impacting the city is the population exodus to more economically viable areas of the country and to Western Europe.

While I was in Romania with Jeremy this spring, a church planter named Brother Stefanica took us to see one of the churches he started in a village called Frumusita (froo-moo-SHEET-suh), about half an hour outside of the city. We met one of the local leaders John, who showed us the church they were constructing and let us know we were welcome to join him and the men of that congregation who were gathering later that evening for prayer as the ladies had just wrapped up their meeting when we arrived. Interestingly enough, Gabriela was part of the team that ministered to the children in this village in the late 90’s as part of the early church planting effort. Now, 20 years later, we were able to witness the fruit of their labors and be encouraged by the congregation’s devotion to prayer, commitment to reaching their community, and progress in completing their building. The story of Frumusita needs to be duplicated and then multiplied many times over throughout Galati County so that many more of the half million people of this region hear and embrace forgiveness of their sins and a personal relationship with the Savior!

Village ministry is just one of the multitude of challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Galati in changing their communities, and Ten Million for Christ is committed to helping them. Moving forward, we will build on our longstanding relationships with two key churches in the city of Galati, Holy Trinity Baptist and Emanuel Pentecostal, and partner with them to dramatically alter the spiritual landscape of their region. Our goal is not to do TMFC’s “thing” but to bring our vision of building evangelistic teams alongside their vision of regional impact and seek revival together. We will encourage leaders of local churches, bolster their efforts, bring our ideas and energy, and go after it together.

Just last weekend, the churches in Galati sponsored an evangelistic event which Ten Million for Christ was able to participate in as well through helping them advertise in various forms of media. Later this summer Jeremy and Keith Yoder, TMFC’s board president, will be investing two weeks in Romania as they minister in four Romania cities and share our vision for building teams that will be agents of evangelism and revival in their regions. Please pray for them as they meet with church leaders and every person they encounter. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us favor in building partnerships. Pray that we are an encouragement so that our brothers and sisters will have greater faith and strength for the task that seems so overwhelming. And pray for revival in Romania so that thousands and then millions of lives are changed forever because of Jesus!

Team Building in Romania

By Gerry Blitz & Jeremy Leaman

Ten Million for Christ is built upon the premise of a relationship: individuals entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So, it’s only natural that relationships are the foundation of our ministry both in Romania and the U.S.  Currently, TMFC has established thriving relationships in three strategic locations in Romania: Galati, Baru, and Cluj. Galati and Cluj are both large cities; in fact, Cluj is the second largest in terms of population and economic clout after the capital, Bucharest.  

Check out this video to learn some fun ways Ten Million for Christ has built
relationships in Romania and is staying in touch over repeat visits.

Baru is a small town nestled in an idyllic, rural setting with fantastic views of the Carpathian Mountains. While Baru is a beautiful breath of fresh air, the two cities provide an ideal setting for our core mission: evangelistic impact in partnership with the local church through teams of evangelists, mission workers, and business professionals.

Our Vision for Mission in Romania

In formulating what our ministry approach will look like, one concept is materializing front and center: “What does it mean to have a handful of committed team members, partnering with local churches and ministries, who are dedicated to evangelizing and meeting people where they are and drawing them into places where they can hear the gospel?” The opportunities to create such scenarios are endless! Simple conversations over coffee, mentorships, Lunch ‘n Learn (for the business side of things), sports camps, English camps, village outreaches, etc. All of these possibilities create environments for TMFC team members to have ongoing relationships with unsaved people in an engaging and relevant way.

Jeremy and Gerry enjoyed dinner with new friends in Romania

We desire to have people “get in the boat with Jesus” as we encourage them to become more than curious onlookers, but rather active participants in seeking The Truth. Eventually, our heart’s desire is to witness everyone “taste and see that the Lord is good” and celebrate with them as they arrive at a place of surrender to Jesus!

Team Building Vision for Galati and Cluj

Ten Million for Christ is developing a firm foundation to build teams in two places: the cities of Galati and Cluj. In each location, we have flourishing relationships with a number of outstanding leaders. Some of the key relationships go back many years, and others have recently blossomed.  

Jeremy with Eugen and Stefanica in Galati
Jeremy with Eugen and Stefanica in Galati

For example, in Galati, TMFC has deep relational roots. Ovidiu Ghita is the lead pastor at the Baptist church who worked closely with Jeremy 25 years ago and has enthusiastically welcomed him and Ten Million for Christ to partner with his church. Most recently, Ovidiu invited Jeremy to address the youth on Saturday night and the entire congregation on Sunday night during the Spring Ministry trip. Another important relationship in Galati is with Eugen Iordache, assistant pastor at the Pentecostal church.  He and his wife Nicoleta knew Gabriela when she was a part of their church, and they have been graciously enthusiastic in helping Ten Million for Christ re-establish in Galati. Eugen not only initiated the idea of the leadership/business seminar that Jeremy and Gerry led in March, but he also assembled a strong team to promote and organize it.  

Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj
Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj

In Cluj, our friendships don’t have as much history, but they are a wonderful blessing as well! The preparations for the TMFC business seminar in Cluj were led by Corina Pirvu, Director of Way of Truth Ministries. She enlisted the help of coworkers, family, and friends to publicize, prepare, and host this strategic event. Through her contacts she was able to have Jeremy, Gerry, and one of the other seminar speakers interviewed live on a radio station in Cluj. She also served as the seminar translator. Without Corina’s leadership, and the “all-hands-on-deck” enthusiasm of her team, TMFC could not have successfully hosted the ground-breaking seminar in Cluj.   

Regional Teams by Late 2019

In seeking to establish regional teams in Romania in the second part of 2019, we will be intentionally sharing within our growing network of relationships that Ten Million for Christ’s vision and mission for evangelism and revival rests upon building strong teams of volunteers and staff members who are devoted to reaching their country in creative ways with the gospel. This will take place during our summer and fall ministry trips through personal meetings and larger gatherings held in concert with the local churches.

Our hope is to have our first official TMFC team members by September or October. TMFC is already in communication with a husband and wife team who have expressed their desire to join us as business coaches and we are confident that others will join them in various roles. We are looking for a wide variety of talents to fill TMFC teams: evangelists, mission workers, administrators, event planners, and more. These individuals will start as volunteers and as we advance, they will grow into paid staff positions.

Please join us in focused prayer for TMFC teams to break out and grow in Galati and Cluj! We’d love to have you join us sometime soon on a ministry trip to Romania and help us!

Why Romania and Why Ten Million for Christ?

Why Romania and Why Ten Million for Christ?

by Gerry Blitz

Gerry with some of the boys from House of Hope

Why TMFC? That’s a question I pondered many times in an abstract sense since I’ve become connected to this ministry. But now, here on the ground in Romania, it took on a singular thrust. Because I was called, because I was sent.

The story of Ten Million for Christ follows a similar fashion. Over 25 years ago, Jeremy Leaman was asked to lead a Youth Evangelism Service team (young adult missions) to Romania, an Eastern European nation in its democratic infancy, after having been liberated from decades of communist tyranny. Over the 15 months that he spent in Romania, Jeremy learned the language and fell in love with the people, the food, and the culture. Having recently spent some time there myself, I must say this isn’t too surprising because the people are warm and friendly and the food is terrific. Yet there was something more that God placed in Jeremy’s heart during that time, a burning desire to evangelize and see the people of Romania enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christianity, in a general sense, permeates the culture; you could even say it is part of the national psyche. It seems that every village, no matter how small, has an Orthodox Church, with spires pointing towards the heavens. However, its personal impact on the day to day lives of the surrounding people is minimal.

The next time Jeremy returned to Romania he fell in love again, this time with Gabriela, who would soon become his wife. During the early years of their marriage, they made several trips back to Romania. Sometimes they went to visit family, but Jeremy also spent time ministering and building kingdom connections. While focusing on raising their four children, they did not return to Romania for about 10 years. That was until several years ago when, in the midst of a life transition, God spoke clearly to Jeremy and Gabriela to engage in international missions and once again called them to minister in Romania! This led to the formation of Ten Million for Christ, as God began orchestrating events and leading Jeremy and Gabriela to step out in faith. The name itself, Ten Million for Christ, is a declaration of faith born out of a desire to see the nation of Romania radically transformed in revival by the work of the Holy Spirit calling lost people to Father God.

So why specifically TMFC? We have been called by God to evangelism and partnership with local Romanian churches and ministries to build relationships and seek revival for their nation. Romania is a unique nation. In some ways it is a developing country operating in the historical framework of an ancient nation that goes back to Roman times. It is not an unreached people, but there is an undeniable spiritual need and yearning. Years of communist oppression have stunted the spiritual and economic landscape of this beautiful country. For that reason, TMFC is committed to evangelizing Romania by proclaiming the gospel, training leaders, impacting the business world with mission-minded coaches and consultants, and sharing the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the marginalized.

Spring Ministry Trip 2019

When asked to share three words to describe their most recent ministry trip to Romania, Jeremy exclaimed, “relationship building, seminar hosting, and super rewarding” and Gerry reiterated, “it was foundational and felt like home away from home.” (It’s good they are in ministry because neither of them count very well!) 

Ten Million for Christ’s Spring Ministry trip to Romania, March 28-April 8, was led by Jeremy Leaman and his travel partner, Gerry Blitz. They ministered in various ways in three cities: Galati, Baru, and Cluj. Each city brought new adventures and experiences.

Their time in Galati was filled with relationship-building opportunities. Jeremy and Gerry were met by a good friend, Eugen, for breakfast their very first morning and were quickly ushered into a full day of activities including a lunch meeting with church leaders, a visit with a bank director, and ministry in a remote village near Moldova to encourage two families through fellowship and some needed groceries. They also had the unique opportunity to witness a cargo ship launched into the Danube River!  Saturday was a great day as they hosted their first business and leadership seminar and had the opportunity to challenge the participants to raise the bar in their lives.  Jeremy also taught at a youth meeting that evening.  The final day in Galati was spent attending a morning and evening church service where Jeremy preached on “The Cry of our Heart.”  In between services, he and Gerry enjoyed a great meal at Eugen’s home with the three families who helped to plan the seminar. 

Jeremy and Gerry at the leadership seminar in Galati
Cargo ship before the launch into the Danube

After a day of travel with a stop to see Castle Bran, the next three days were spent in Baru and included many more relationship building times with the children at the House of Hope and the youth at the House of Joy. Gerry and Jeremy enjoyed sharing some American culture with the kids by playing Dutch Blitz and eating pizza and ice cream together. They took some of the older boys to visit Corvin’s Castle where Gerry taught the boys the art of photography. They enjoyed capturing their perspectives of the castle and taking pictures together. The final day in Baru called for another business seminar where Jeremy challenged the mayor’s leadership team regarding sales and how to “make their engines roar!”

“Raising the Bar” in Baru
Gerry playing Dutch Blitz with the kids

Their final destination was Cluj where they had an exciting business seminar lined up and had the privilege to tell the city about it live on EBS Radio Cluj.  Both Jeremy and Gerry had fun during the interview and marked it down as a first in Romania!  The seminar was a special time of great input, making new friendships, and a Q&A session at the end.  Jeremy and Gerry both spoke, but a big bonus for them and the participants were two special guests: Vlad Mihut, Director of ROMCOM, and Sorin Popa, President of The John Maxwell Team Romania.  They did a great job educating and inspiring the participants on Accessing Financing and Leadership Development.  It was a rewarding day for everyone!

Corina and Jeremy at the EBS radio station
Jeremy with Sorin Popa and Vlad Mihut

Jeremy and Gerry wrapped up their trip with a full day on Sunday as they were blessed by great worship and an inspiring sermon at Caleb Christian Church, witnessed to some university students in Central Park, and caught up with some other friends at McDonald’s.  Another highlight of the day was joining Corina and her family for a traditional Romanian meal prepared by her mother.  Corina is the director of Way of Truth Ministries and she and her husband Doru and their friend Alexandra have become great advocates for Ten Million for Christ.  They all played a vital role in planning the seminar and embraced it as an extension of their ministry.  The meal and fellowship were a delicious and fruitful way to wrap up an amazing trip

Jeremy and Gerry with their new friends in Cluj; Sami and his team at Noodle Pack!
Jeremy at Castle Bran

Thank you for agreeing with us in prayer that these eleven days invested into Romania will become seeds that will bring a great harvest, this year and in the future! 

We continue to believe God for unprecedented revival in Romania and Eastern Europe where millions will turn to Christ as their personal Savior and entire communities will be radically transformed, wonderfully demonstrating the glory of God’s kingdom!

Gerry and Jeremy will be sharing about this trip at the Men’s Breakfast on Saturday, May 4 at Petra Church. We appreciate your prayers for this event, for the Ten Million for Christ team as we continue to build prayer, volunteer, and financial partnerships, and for Jeremy as he begins developing the business arm of Ten Million for Christ called MetaGrowth Consulting.  Jeremy is also looking forward to the Summer Ministry Trip to Romania in late July.  Thank you for standing with us!  

Ten Million for Christ Flag Football Tournament and Chicken BBQ

Our 2018 Flag Football Tournament and Chicken BBQ was a great success. Mark your calendars for, October 5, 2019 for our next tournament!

On November 3, ten teams came together to play flag football to benefit Ten Million for Christ. We had a little wind and a lot of fun! The championship game was a true nail-biter as Navy defeated The Crushers with a last second touchdown!

Summer Outreach 2018

Ten Million for Christ has had a blessed summer building relationships in Romania.

Gaining Momentum in Romania 

This summer has been a season of victory for Ten Million for Christ as God has been blessing the ministry from many different, exciting directions! And truly, through all of 2018, God has demonstrated another run of his provision and power as he is building Ten Million for Christ and helping us gain momentum in Romania. Here is a brief recap of our time in Romania.

The John Maxwell Team – Cluj, Romania 

One of the long-term strategies of TMFC for impacting communities for Christ is placing coaches, consultants, and chaplains into businesses as a way of building people, building business, and building a platform to share the gospel.

In December of last year, the Board of Directors affirmed that Jeremy should become certified with the John Maxwell Team (JMT) so that he could have ongoing training to improve his skills in business coaching. The Board didn’t know it at the time, but the John Maxwell Team already had a strong presence in Romania – in fact, Romania is #2 in the world in terms of certified members of the John Maxwell Team! After meeting numerous Romanians at the JMT event in Orlando in February, Jeremy had the privilege of attending the John Maxwell event in Cluj, Romania, at the end of June.

It was a networking dream for Jeremy as the event was well run and attended by more than 300 Romanians! The John Maxwell Team in Romania holds significant potential as a talent pool from which TMFC can recruit coaches in the future. Another building block that God has given us!

Adding to our Network in Cluj and Baru

Beyond the John Maxwell event in Cluj, Jeremy and Gabriela and the children spent an additional week in Cluj working with a Christian ministry called The Way of Truth. The Leamans tackled a drywall project, helped at a preschool, and encouraged numerous large families in a neighboring town. Jeremy also spent some time sharing TMFC’s vision with a couple of church leaders. This partnership with The Way of Truth enabled them to befriend a number of families and created great ministry opportunities – plus fun times for the kids!

The Leamans were also able to go back to Baru for a week renewing friendships with the teenagers at the House of Joy and creating new relationships with the children at the House of Hope. Soccer games, a picnic in the valley, a work project, devotions, fun meal times, plus noisy games of Dutch Blitz (called “Ligretto” in Romania) were all part of a great week!

A Testimony from Ten Million for Christ Director, Jeremy Leaman

“As we look back on our time in Romania, we are encouraged because God enabled us to have a significant impact as a family as well as achieve our organizational goals with Ten Million for Christ. Our network in Cluj is growing as we are building with the John Maxwell Team, befriending more families, and planting seeds to partner with churches in the near future. In Baru, we were able to invest into over 20 children and teenagers with Christ’s love and celebrate life with them in many great activities. God was faithful, through our family’s ministry, to advance the mission of Ten Million for Christ!”


Summer Ministry Campaign 2018

John Maxwell Event in Romania — Celebrating Certification in Cluj!

Thank you for taking a few moments to consider our invitation to you to partner with Ten Million for Christ in our 2018 Summer Campaign.  We trust our website is helpful in summarizing the vision and mission of Ten Million for Christ and how Jeremy Leaman, Director of Ten Million for Christ, and the board of directors are pursuing the ministry’s objectives.  As you consider partnering with us, we’d like to highlight the following:

Goals for the Summer Ministry Campaign

  • Raise awareness about Ten Million for Christ at the Petra Missions Festival in May and the Women’s Luncheon in June.

  • Minister effectively through the Leaman Family in Romania, with a special focus on building relationships in Cluj, including participation in the John Maxwell training event.*

  • Broaden TMFC’s prayer and volunteer base.  Plant seeds for friends to travel with TMFC to Romania in 2019 on a ministry trip or Taste of Romania Adventure.

  • Increase the number of financial partners investing into the ministry with one-time gifts and monthly commitments.  We are currently believing for an additional $10,277 by September 22.

In light of these goals, would you pray about standing with Ten Million for Christ as an intercessor, volunteer, and/or financial partner?  Please email Tiffany Blitz (tnblitz@gmail.com) regarding your interest in supporting TMFC in any of these ways or if you would have an interest in traveling to Romania with Ten Million for Christ on one of our Taste of Romania Adventures.

If you would like to give a financial gift to TMFC to help us reach our summer campaign goals, please make your check out to Harvest Field Ministries and note “Ten Million for Christ” in the memo line.  The check should be sent to:

Harvest Field Ministries
565 Airport Road
New Holland, PA  17557

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy at 717-598-1288 or tenmillionforchrist@gmail.com.

Thank you for standing with Ten Million for Christ!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, forever and ever. Amen!” Ephesians 3:20-21

June 2018 Women’s Luncheon

Ten Million for Christ – Women’s Luncheon – June 9, 2018


Introduction to Ten Million for Christ – Jeremy

Stories of Romania – Jasmin, Michelle, Aryel

God’s faithfulness to our Family – Gabriela

Goals for 2018 – Jeremy

Partnering with Ten Million for Christ – Jeremy


Photos from the event:


Our Mission

We partner with the local church in preaching and teaching the gospel through evangelism, mercy ministries, training ministers and consulting with business leaders in Eastern European nations.


Our Vision

By turning the hearts of ten million people to Jesus as their personal Savior and inspiring them to embrace an exciting life as a radical disciple of Christ, we help bring unprecedented revival to Eastern Europe–A revival that transforms the region into a land where entire communities wonderfully demonstrate the glory of God’s kingdom.


Key Scripture

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus, forever and ever. Amen!” Ephesians 3:20-21


Goals for 2018

Summer Ministry Campaign – Grow our partnerships – Prayer, Finances, Volunteer, and Shared Vision

Family Outreach in Romania – June 21 to July 11 – Touch the lives of children, Faithfully share the Gospel

Two Ministry Trips in the Fall by Jeremy – Deepen and Broaden Relationships

BIG GOAL FOR DECEMBER – Receive Invitation to come and partner with a church(es)



Partnering with Ten Million for Christ

Pray – Intercessors Network, Concert of Prayer in Fall 2018, Prayer Team in Romania in 2019

Give – Financial Partnerships – One-time and Monthly, Special Needs, Summer and Year-end Campaigns

Go – “Taste of Romania” Adventure, Ministry Teams in Romania, Mission Trips

Volunteer – Newsletter Mailings, Photography, Coordinating and Serving at Events, Many Other

Share the Vision – With Friends and Family, Businesses and Churches, Your Workplace

Thank you for Standing With Us!



“Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the LORD Almighty!” (Zechariah 4:6)

Spring Networking Trip 2018

In early April, Duval Denlinger and Jeremy travelled to Romania for nine days to renew friendships and broaden their network into a new city, Cluj-Napoca.

Their first stop was in Galati, Gabriela’s home town and Jeremy’s home in Romania for nearly two years.

They were blessed to connect with the Baptist and Pentecostal churches by spending time with their leaders and participating in a weeknight service in each church. Duval and Jeremy are pictured above with Pastors Ovi and Narcis from the Baptist Church. Jeremy listened to many of Pastor Ovi’s sermons in the early 90’s, and he is one of the inspirations behind his comment, “When Romanian pastors preach, they preach the lights on, heaven down to earth, and all of us to the feet of Jesus!”

After their visit in Galati, they spent a couple of days with friends in Baru and then moved on to Cluj-Napoca. Their goals in this historic place were to get oriented to the city, network with some new organizations, and lay the foundation for a return visit by the Leaman family. God checked off every item and gave them the privilege of meeting some wonderful people in the process. Duval and Jeremy are pictured here with Dr. David Ille in front of his pro-life clinic.

Dr. Ille and his staff are working diligently to help women make the decision to keep their unborn babies. They were one of the first pro-life ministries in Romania twenty years ago and they have led many women to faith in Christ.

More Photos From the Trip