Partnering with Royal Charis Academy

Written by Jeremy Leaman and Gerry Blitz

As you know, TMFC’s vision is to see Romania, and ultimately eastern Europe, transformed through the saving power of Jesus. Our partners in Cluj-Napoca have a similar national level of transformation in mind.

Jeremy met Doru and Corina Pirvu during his first exploratory visit in Cluj and quickly became friends with them and their family.  They have a genuine concern for the broken, a passion for their nation to be transformed by Christ, and their own inspiring story of God’s faithfulness.  The Pirvu’s have been instrumental in opening up the city of Cluj-Napoca for Ten Million for Christ even as they have been birthing and growing the ministry God has called them to pioneer.  This is their story.

Six years ago, in May of 2014, God spoke to Corina in her spirit, “You haven’t prayed for the educational system of Romania lately.”  Corina was surprised; the voice was real but the thoughts weren’t hers. In fact, the idea of praying for one more thing was almost an imposition. Corina and Doru had two young boys and their youngest child, Yanna, was recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. How could she be expected to pray for something as immovable as the education system? With so many things already on her prayer list, she almost set it aside, yet she found her prayer journal and wrote a prayer, believing she had satisfied the requirement. Days later the same voice reminded her, “I told you to pray for the educational system of Romania.” She took her prayer journal again and wrote a shorter prayer, then continued with her routine thinking she has accomplished her mission. However, a few more days went by and she heard the voice again, this time with a stern tone, saying, “Haven’t I told you to pray for the educational system of Romania?” This time God had her attention. After sharing all of this with Doru, the message was clear, as a family they needed to pray for the redemption of Romania’s education system.

That fall, the Christian preschool (ages 3-6) that their younger son, Joshua, attended faced a crisis. The director was fired and the building owner where the school met took over the school. The parents were furious but were left with no recourse. This happened right after the school year had already started so it was too late to even enroll in another school besides the fact that there were only two Christian schools in Cluj-Napoca to begin with. After much prayer, one parent suggested that Corina take over and manage the school under a ministry she was already leading, Way of Truth Ministries. She agreed to do this for one year only. In November, the preschool opened at a church, which had provided two rooms for the children.

God carried them through, and at the end of the first year, the parents asked her to continue as director. She felt led by God to continue, and as it was turning out, the training she had received from American missionaries a few years prior, was proving instrumental to her success.  Corina had been equipped with the very tools she now was using to lead the preschool including many values and leadership principles she would not have learned otherwise.

Since the start of this journey, the school, now named Royal Charis Academy (RCA), has distinguished itself as providing an excellent spiritual and academic foundation for the children.  RCA currently has 40 children, ages 2-6, enrolled in its creative, life-transforming program.  These children come from a variety of backgrounds, but each one consistently receives instruction about manners and behavior that is based on the Bible.  The teachers remind the children daily that “we love each other, we share our toys, we listen when someone is talking, and we always speak the truth.” Corina shared, “We don’t teach religion.  We simply include Biblical truths in every subject or theme we are teaching.”

Corina, the team of teachers, and Doru, who works behind the scenes in legal, accounting, and other administrative responsibilities, seek to be true to their name, Royal Charis Academy, as they serve the children.  This name establishes identity. Royal, because as Christians, we are children of the King of Kings. Charis is the New Testament Greek word for “grace.”  Academy embodies the highest standard of learning. Corina explained, “The call is larger than what we are doing right now but we need to focus on what we can do right now.”

Right now, of course, involves dealing with the challenges of Covid 19, which have been significant for RCA.  They have kept their doors open though, instructing the young children through Zoom, and have embraced a number of creative teaching methods that the children have responded to with enthusiasm.  One of these was an audio recording of a book which involved all the teachers, Corina and her son Haris, and even an elderly aunt!  The team of readers enthusiastically threw themselves into their roles, reading and recording their parts.  After compiling and editing, the finished product was huge hit with the kids, as they recognized the voices of their teachers, and teared up listening to the story.  Some parents communicated with Corina that their child goes to sleep listening to the story.  Other parents communicated that they are so grateful that RCA’s educational work is continuing during the shutdown.  Eventually, RCA’s story about their proactive work during the lockdown including the audio book was aired on two radio stations.  Praise God!

As Doru and Corina and their team move into the summer months, they are encouraged by God’s faithfulness as He has carried them through some tough times.  RCA still has a number of challenges ahead of them including the lost income due to the lockdown and finding and moving into a new facility.  When asked about how we can stand with them in prayer, Corina responded, “We need to find a new building with spacious rooms and a generous courtyard to give stability to our ministry.  We also need wisdom and knowledge as to how to adjust to all the changes that this global crisis may bring about.  Obviously, the grace of God and His protection upon us is greatly needed!”

If you would like to partner with Royal Charis Academy and Corina, Doru, and their team of teachers, as prayer or financial partners, please reach out to Jeremy at  You can learn more about RCA’s story on facebook.  Thank you for your interest!

“Lord Jesus, prosper Royal Charis Academy, Doru & Corina, their team of teachers, and all the children and their families.  May they see you move mightily on their behalf this summer!  And may their vision to grow into a primary school, impacting the lives of many children with your truth, become a reality in the very near future!”

See the Harvest: Launching a Movement of Local Evangelists

Written by Gerry Blitz

‘“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest fields.”’ – Mat. 9:37-38

Those words are as relevant today as when Jesus spoke them to his disciples almost 2,000 years ago. The need for more workers to bring in the harvest remains. The Lord has called Ten Million for Christ to reach the lost all around us. It’s in our hearts and it’s in our name. How do we do this? We believe we will do it by intentionally gathering men and women who are gifted, called, and passionate about influencing people towards faith in Christ. These individuals will likely remain unknown to the world; they likely won’t travel 500 miles to speak to 500 people, write books, and host radio broadcasts. But in identifying, equipping, and unleashing Local Evangelists who are commissioned to reach the lost and raise up other Local Evangelists, we will launch a movement and set our course to see millions of people brought to faith in Christ in the US, Romania, and Eastern Europe.

Let me share with you a picture of the vision we need to embrace; perhaps it will strike a heart chord with you.

From my house I can look out over the neighboring fields—many acres of rich farmland. In this season, the farmers are preparing the soil to receive the seed. The Amish farmer has spent days upon days taking his team of horses through the fields plowing the dirt. Much time is put into the preparation of his fields. Soon he will plant his selected crop. Throughout the growing season the farmer will tend to his fields. Then one day, he will come to harvest them. To the unfamiliar eye, the crops might not look any different from one day to the next as they ripen. Even so, each day brings seemingly imperceptible change and ushers the harvest one day closer, until the time is right. The untrained eye might not recognize it, but the farmer’s eye sees it. What is the difference between the two? The farmer SEES the harvest! He knows the time is right and he acts with urgency to bring in the harvest. Both eyes see the same fields, but one is looking for the time to act.[i]

Similarly, at the end of Matthew 9, we see Jesus looking out over the crowds that surrounded him. He could see the spiritual harvest ripe all around him. In that setting, he turned to his disciples and instructed them to pray, asking the Father to send more workers into the fields to gather the harvest.

What is the dynamic change in the picture? It’s not the harvest. It was present when Jesus sent out his disciples, as noted in Matthew 10 and Luke 10, and the harvest is still waiting to be brought in today. Jesus did not instruct his disciples to pray for the harvest, to protect it, or increase it. In this way, focusing on the harvest, will actually result in losing it because there won’t be enough workers to bring it in. You see, the harvest wasn’t meant to stay in the fields, it needs to be brought in! Harvest time is an “all hands on deck” time. That is why Jesus challenged them to ask for more laborers who will see the harvest and will work to bring it in.

What’s the special skill of those workers? Vision.  Everywhere they look they see the harvest! The checkout line at the grocery store, a sports arena, the local corner gas station. These are not just places where people congregate, it’s where the harvest is. As we go about our daily lives, the people walking past us and standing near us are the harvest!

This change in mindset dramatically impacts how we view the world around us. Do we see people who are apathetic about having a genuine, life-giving relationship with God?  Or do we look around and see people who want to be loved (John 3:16; I John 3:1) and want to live (John 10:10; John 17:3) and want their sins forgiven? [ii]

The harvest is there! Do you see it? Do you want to be one of the workers? If so, we invite you to consider joining our team of local evangelists!


On May 1, TMFC will launch a movement of Local Evangelists, starting first in Lake County, Florida, followed by Galati, Romania in August 2020. We are believing that through the work of Local Evangelists, we will see the United States, Romania, and all of Eastern Europe impacted for Christ.  

[i] I’d like to credit this understanding of the harvest and labors to Gerry Stoltzfoos and his book “83 Lost Sleep”.

[ii] Thanks to TMFC team member AJ Crawford for stating this so clearly.

God Has a Plan for Romania

by Nancy Eberly

Barry Omar sharing “Ten Million Souls for Christ” at the Concert of Prayer.

What a privilege to be able to express the glory of God that showed up on November 22 at the Concert of Prayer for Romania. It reminds me of how the shepherds may have felt when the birth of Jesus was announced in the fields outside of Bethlehem many years ago. Those shepherds were waiting and hoping for good news of hope and freedom from oppression and helplessness.

Romanians also suffered greatly at the hands of a harsh Communist dictator and are still recovering 30 years later. Many people in Romania today lived through those terrible years, clearly remembering the oppression and abuse. Many of them still hold to a mindset of not being allowed to make their own decisions. And good leadership seems beyond reach. Many leaders are simply following the example of leaders who went before them because they haven’t witnessed any other way. Many skilled and educated people are moving out of the country for better opportunities.

Just as God had a plan for the whole world, it was very clear at the Concert of Prayer that he has a specific plan for Romania. Tabita Quashigah shared a powerful illustration of how the people are hungry for something to cling to – for hope and salvation. I was heartbroken to learn that many Romanians have been venerating the bones of a saint in a casket.  Only Jesus can give us hope and salvation!

As we praised and prayed, it was evident that God had one thing to tell us:  It says in scripture that God inhabits the praises of his people. In return, his response to us was that he has not forgotten Romania. Janice Baldauf again read what she proclaimed during our visit to a church packed with evangelical Romanians in September. Isaiah 62 declares protection, power, and rebuilding, and Janice had a vision of God’s presence resting over the Romanian homeland.
Truly, God has his hand on Romania and has a plan to bring life, leadership, and abundance to this nation where we have so many friends.

This message pierced the heart of nearly everyone at the Concert of Prayer. God will keep building this TMFC team of Americans and Romanians until what he has planned for Romania will come to pass. God has made a way in the wilderness, a river in the desert. Will we not be aware of it? Behold, he will do something new! Keep in touch. You will not want to miss it!

Building Teams in Romania

By Gerry Blitz

Introducing team leaders in Galati: Eugen and Nicoleta Iordache

We are excited to announce a big leap forward in ministry operations in Romania. One of the priorities Jeremy and Keith Yoder had as they set out on the summer ministry trip to Romania was to identify the foundational building blocks of TMFC leadership teams in Galati and Cluj-Napoca. This is vital to our mission as we need teams throughout Romania which will minister and evangelize continuously, even when teams from the States aren’t on the ground.

We are pleased to share that Eugen and Nicoleta Iordache (pronounced “yor-DAH-kay”) have accepted the call to serve as Ten Million for Christ team leaders in Galati! Jeremy has had a long-standing relationship with Eugen as they first met at Christian student meetings in 1994, when Jeremy was on assignment in Galati. Currently, Eugen serves as the assistant pastor at Emanuel Church where he provides leadership through preaching, directing their evangelistically focused marriage and family ministries, overseeing the building project, and coordinating part of the small group ministry. In addition, Eugen is the regional team leader for Samaritan’s Purse in the Moldova region. Nicoleta serves as the church’s administrative assistant and co-leads the marriage and family ministries with Eugen. They have been married for 22 years and have two teenage boys, Nathaniel and Octavian. Their greatest passion is for marriage and family ministry with an evangelistic focus so that families are transformed and brought into the kingdom.

As the Galati team leaders, their primary duties will include: building the TMFC leadership team in Galati, broadening awareness of TMFC in the region, deepening partnerships with local churches, preparing itineraries for TMFC ministry trips, and planning TMFC evangelistic outreahes. They will be operating under Jeremy’s direction and will also work closely with TMFC staff members Gerry and Tiffany Blitz when US ministry teams visit Galati. Their ongoing efforts in the local community will allow TMFC to accomplish much more both in Romania and the US as Jeremy will be able to focus on a number of other activities that will propel TMFC forward.

Eugen (left) with Brother Stefanica (center), and Jeremy at the shipyards in Galati.

Please join the TMFC team in thanking the Lord for our first team leaders in Romania. Please pray for Eugen and Nicoleta as they build their leadership team and pray for increasing numbers of workers to gather the harvest in Romania. Pray too, for unity among the churches in Romania. If you would like to partner with TMFC further, please contact me, Gerry Blitz at to learn the ways you can get involved.

God’s Presence: More Than We Can Ask or Imagine

By Nancy Eberly
The Prayer Team in front of Parliament Palce in Bucharest: Janice Baldauf, James Richter, Mike Ingold, Lydia Landis, Nancy Eberly, Alyssa Waite, and Ten Million for Christ Executive Director Jeremy Leaman

I learned more on this trip about missions than I ever had before! I now know how much can happen when one focuses on ministry alone. Janice, James, Mike, Alyssa, and Lydia set the pace with their joy, cooperation, flexibility, and character every day, in and out. The entire trip was a continuous adventure that no one wanted to miss even a part of. Being able to add visits to an already-packed schedule was our fearless leader Jeremy’s specialty. There is absolutely nothing any of the team would have taken out.

When we left for Romania, I didn’t know what to tell people we were going to be doing. But now, do I have a mouth full! It was total prayer and ministry the entire time. There was a display of generosity from everyone in Romania. Not just through food, coffee beans, the town hall, and meals at restaurants, but we were blessed with joyful, smiling faces from people at the churches we associated with, motels we stayed at, preschool and adult day care centers we visited, and interpreters – just to mention a few. When someone asked what we liked about Romania, we all replied, “the people.” They were so gracious and eager to draw us close and spend time with us. We were the last ones to leave every gathering as the lights were turned off and the doors were pulled closed behind us.

Nearly everywhere we went, we treaded ground where Jeremy had already established relationships. It was a city councilman who suggested and arranged a meeting with the mayor of Galati. What an amazing and humbling opportunity! The mayor was a very likable man. Of all the gifts we took for him, including a patchwork pillow, pretzels, and mustard, his favorite was the beef jerky. Do you think we may have been the first to fill the Conference Room at City Hall with prayer for Galati and its mayor?

Galati Mayor Pucheanu offering some gifts to Jeremy and the team after a time of sharing and prayer.

Janice gave a blessing to the seven evangelical churches gathered at Emanuel Church during a Concert of Prayer that Sunday night. Isaiah 62 rang through the atmosphere of a full church building while “the church” was encouraged to take on a glorious new identity in Christ and to raise a banner before the nations. God promised he has not forgotten them; instead, “her righteousness will shine out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.”

Spending the evening with Corina’s family will never be forgotten, either. We prayed and sang children’s songs for at least an hour for a six-year-old to be healed and relieved of cerebral palsy. We are now waiting from across the ocean with Yana’s family to see her develop into the fullness of what God has planned for her. It was in this home we received the greatest treasure any traveler craves – a home- cooked meal eaten within the fellowship of family. Little did we know that the meal in front of us was only the appetizer . . . then came more and then more! I felt sorry for whoever had seconds of the entrée, because it was followed by two desserts!

We sensed a strong atmosphere of God’s love throughout the country. YWAM in Cluj was bursting at the seams with plans for a church plant being launched within two weeks in their back yard. The directors, Alin and Gabi, may stop by Lancaster County when they come through PA the end of October.

A wonderful lunch with pastors from the evangelical churches in Galati.

We felt like we had been friends for a long time with the church at VIA as they swarmed our van upon driving onto their property. As we worked ourselves out of the van, we were directed to a satisfying meal. Afterward, they eagerly joined our team with anticipation after receiving some direction on how to do Treasure Hunts for the Kingdom (Luke 15:8-10).

A young couple who had just recently became Christians, Cristi and Cristina, taught us how to be bold and to hit the target in evangelism. They were the ones who were instrumental in bringing two individuals to Christ in our presence. They knew Romanian, and were able to break through chains of demonic harassment and bitterness to lead these two women to a commitment to Jesus Christ. Talk about great rejoicing, as one of them has been heavy with bitterness for thirty years! The joy on her face will be a picture forever in our minds.

Since the fall of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989, Romania has been listed as one of the top three countries per capita for the number of abortions performed. We were able to visit pediatrician Dr. David Ille at Pro Vita, one of Romania’s first pro-life clinics, founded twenty years ago.  Janice and I had an opportunity to talk with two staff members who provide office management and counseling to post-abortion clients. Dr. Ille has plans to open 21 clinics throughout Romania in the coming years, and will provide many pro-life services and medical training at a maternity hospital he and his board have undertaken to build. God clearly has a loving arm for Romania. They are not forgotten.

There is too much to say here, but God was truly faithful, which really sums it all up. His rich presence was more than we could ask for or imagine. How were we sustained with so little sleep? And without getting sick?! Though weary arriving home, our hearts, minds, and spirits were full. May God continue to use our partners in Romania and Ten Million for Christ to build his Kingdom, one treasure at a time!

Romania – Awaking to Its Potential

By Keith Yoder

Jeremy at the John Maxwell Romania Conference

Cranes in the urban skies hover above office and apartment buildings under construction.  Foreign investments support the construction of bridges, replacement of pipelines, and improvement of highways. Modern functional designs characterize new church facilities under construction. Centuries old architecture is being restored to its original elegance. There is growth.

A movement of consultation stimulates business leaders and professionals to excellence. There is enthusiasm.

Young Christian entrepreneurs venture into new small businesses with a passion to honor the Lord and extend the impact of the Kingdom of. There is initiative.

Jeremy and Keith with Sami and Madalina

Pastoral leaders build personal and ministry relationships with a united heart to transform the culture of their region. Church planting is fruitful. There is vision.

The restriction, suppression and wounding with the corresponding strongholds of the bygone era are yielding to dignity, innovation and God healing. There is freedom.

Children receive godly instruction in pre-school and foster homes. There is hope.

In Oradea, a northwestern county, nearly 15% of the population are evangelical Christians—the highest percentage of any European region. There is foundation.

Christ has connected Ten Million for Christ with each of these realities. Our vision to form partnerships with Romanian pastors, ministry and business leaders advanced significantly during the recent 15-day ministry trip of key relationships by Jeremy Leaman, Executive Director, and Keith Yoder, Board President. There is potential.

Partnership options abound to mentor pastors and business leaders, develop emerging leaders, enrich family life, share experience in regional cooperation and oneness. We can invest in strategic prayer, equip and cooperate in evangelism, resource educators, supply benevolence, and make disciples. There is opportunity.

Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth while he was at Ephesus; near the end of his letter, he observed, “There is a wide-open door for a great work here, although many oppose me.” (II Corinthians 16:9 NLT). A great work is before TMFC; we need to stand with fellow laborers in Romania in the face of the obstacles. There is grace.

Ten Million for Christ is Celebrating!

by Gerry Blitz

This year Ten Million for Christ celebrated its second anniversary. In July we celebrated the Lord’s goodness in a corporate gathering. So, for this post, we at TMFC want to take time to thank the Lord and proclaim his goodness!

The book of Joshua recounts the story of the Israelites crossing the Jordan River and entering the promised land. You can read the full story in Joshua 3 and 4, but I want to focus on a few points here. God performed an amazing miracle by stopping the raging river when the priests entered the water. After everyone crossed over on dry ground, the Lord commanded Joshua to have the 12 appointed men each take a stone from the middle of river to use as a memorial for future generations. The Lord intended the stones as a reminder to future generations of his mighty and miraculous provisions so that they might fear him. With that in mind, I would like to recount the goodness of the Lord as a reminder of his provision in situations where we could not have succeeded on our own. We have much to be thankful for!

As I write this, Jeremy is on the second of three trips to Romania this year. He and Keith Yoder, Ten Million for Christ Board Chair, are laying the foundations for TMFC teams by inviting people to partner with us to build teams that are active year-round in Romania. In 2018, during the first trip after Ten Million for Christ was launched, Jeremy and Duval Denlinger reestablished relationships Jeremy made long ago. The Lord breathed new life into dormant friendships, paving the way to actively partner with churches in Galati as we have this year. The Leaman family ministry trip last summer followed up with more service and ministry in Romania and cemented old friendships even as new ones were formed.

This spring, Jeremy and I were able to activate one of the key ministry strategies for impacting the business world by hosting leadership and business development seminars in three cities across Romania. The Lord worked amazingly to bring together churches and individuals to make the seminars happen. In the wonderful mix of people who attended, we were able to identify couples and individuals who share our passion for evangelism and want to impact their cities and business communities. We believe that many future TMFC team members will be born out of these groundbreaking events. The Lord’s faithfulness was evident on this trip as he sustained us and gave us the words to say to connect with our audiences.

There is also another trip planned – for September 11-19! Jeremy, along with TMFC board member and prayer team coordinator Janice Baldauf, will be leading a prayer team to spend over a week on the ground in Romania. They will spend time soaking Galati and Cluj in prayer, encouraging ministry and business leaders, conducting prayer walks and treasure hunts, as well as, ministering to the hurt and broken. Team members, Alyssa Waite, James Richter, Lydia Landis, Mike Ingold, and Nancy Eberly will be standing together with our partners in each city asking for God to pour out his Holy Spirit and bring revival. We are trusting God that this trip will be groundbreaking and have results that will be felt for generations to come.

Barry Omar of Songs in Parables blessed Ten Million for Christ with our own song and original artwork. Here Barry presents the artwork to Jeremy and Keith Yoder, Board President.

Here in the States, TMFC has also felt God’s provision and goodness. We have witnessed time and again that God, “is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20-21). This year we hosted our Second Annual Men’s Breakfast. God moved mightily on the hearts of the men there, and as a result, we were able to greatly reduce an operating deficit.

The Summer Ministry Campaign was kicked off with the Day of Giving in June. We were overwhelmed with the response. Our goal was to raise $25,000 to fund activities in Romania, including introducing our first two coaches with the John Maxwell program; to cover a portion of the prayer team mission trip cost; and to increase staff hours. Jeremy’s dream was to see $30,000 invested in the Kingdom work TMFC is doing. In true Ephesians 3:20-21 style, we saw God go above even that dream! In the end, over $33,000 was invested into the work we are doing. This included numerous matching gifts and many new partners. As a result of the Day of Giving and an additional generous partnership, I am able to join TMFC on staff one day a week!

We are also planning our second Women’s Luncheon on Saturday, August 17. The Lord has blessed us with an amazing location to host this event.  We’re hoping to gather a hundred or more women to enjoy beautiful food and fellowship with other women and to hear Donna Shuler, President of Shalom Services, bring a message called “Born Free!”.

The final event this year is our Second Annual Flag Football Tournament and Chicken BBQ. Last year we were amazed at how God brought together planners, players, and partners to make this all-day event a success. Through this event, TMFC’s vision was spread widely through the community and we made many new ministry friends.

Please join us in celebration and thanksgiving as we declare, as Psalms 100:8 says, “The Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”! Please also join with us in continual prayer for the Holy Spirit to be poured out in Romania and America, brining many millions to Christ.



Impacting the Spiritual Landscape in Galati

by Gerry Blitz

As we approach the Fourth of July, Americans are preparing to take time to celebrate what is special about our country and the blessings that we have been given. For those of us living in Lancaster County, one of those blessings is the abundance of churches. Driving through the countryside, you can often see white steeples sticking out among the corn fields and rolling hills, sometimes two or three in near proximity. Large, non-traditional church structures also populate the landscape and add to the aura that God is at work in our region. Within these walls, no matter the architectural design, an evangelical gospel is being preached, a gospel that places great importance on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior. The priority that is given to this message in our home towns, is the greatest of blessings that we will ever know. All of us at Ten Million for Christ celebrate this life-changing good news that Jesus is the resurrection and the life!  But we want more–not just in Lancaster, but also in Romania where steeples also dot the landscape but the importance of personal salvation and reaching a lost world with the message of a personal Savior is often missing.

In this post, I want to introduce you to the county of Galati (pronounced Ga-LOTS) and its largest city with the same name. Ten Million for Christ has the longest and deepest ties in Galati, Gabriela’s home town where Jeremy led a mission team in the early 90’s. To give you an idea of its size, the population of the county is about 530,000 people of which a little less than half live in the city itself. (Lancaster County has about the same amount of people but they are squeezed into roughly half the size.)  There are more than 180 cities, towns, and villages in Galati County but only 33 have an evangelical church dedicated to reaching their communities. While the city has a handful of evangelical churches, they only comprise 1-2% of the population. Compounding the issue of impacting the city is the population exodus to more economically viable areas of the country and to Western Europe.

While I was in Romania with Jeremy this spring, a church planter named Brother Stefanica took us to see one of the churches he started in a village called Frumusita (froo-moo-SHEET-suh), about half an hour outside of the city. We met one of the local leaders John, who showed us the church they were constructing and let us know we were welcome to join him and the men of that congregation who were gathering later that evening for prayer as the ladies had just wrapped up their meeting when we arrived. Interestingly enough, Gabriela was part of the team that ministered to the children in this village in the late 90’s as part of the early church planting effort. Now, 20 years later, we were able to witness the fruit of their labors and be encouraged by the congregation’s devotion to prayer, commitment to reaching their community, and progress in completing their building. The story of Frumusita needs to be duplicated and then multiplied many times over throughout Galati County so that many more of the half million people of this region hear and embrace forgiveness of their sins and a personal relationship with the Savior!

Village ministry is just one of the multitude of challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Galati in changing their communities, and Ten Million for Christ is committed to helping them. Moving forward, we will build on our longstanding relationships with two key churches in the city of Galati, Holy Trinity Baptist and Emanuel Pentecostal, and partner with them to dramatically alter the spiritual landscape of their region. Our goal is not to do TMFC’s “thing” but to bring our vision of building evangelistic teams alongside their vision of regional impact and seek revival together. We will encourage leaders of local churches, bolster their efforts, bring our ideas and energy, and go after it together.

Just last weekend, the churches in Galati sponsored an evangelistic event which Ten Million for Christ was able to participate in as well through helping them advertise in various forms of media. Later this summer Jeremy and Keith Yoder, TMFC’s board president, will be investing two weeks in Romania as they minister in four Romania cities and share our vision for building teams that will be agents of evangelism and revival in their regions. Please pray for them as they meet with church leaders and every person they encounter. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us favor in building partnerships. Pray that we are an encouragement so that our brothers and sisters will have greater faith and strength for the task that seems so overwhelming. And pray for revival in Romania so that thousands and then millions of lives are changed forever because of Jesus!

Team Building in Romania

By Gerry Blitz & Jeremy Leaman

Ten Million for Christ is built upon the premise of a relationship: individuals entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So, it’s only natural that relationships are the foundation of our ministry both in Romania and the U.S.  Currently, TMFC has established thriving relationships in three strategic locations in Romania: Galati, Baru, and Cluj. Galati and Cluj are both large cities; in fact, Cluj is the second largest in terms of population and economic clout after the capital, Bucharest.  

Check out this video to learn some fun ways Ten Million for Christ has built
relationships in Romania and is staying in touch over repeat visits.

Baru is a small town nestled in an idyllic, rural setting with fantastic views of the Carpathian Mountains. While Baru is a beautiful breath of fresh air, the two cities provide an ideal setting for our core mission: evangelistic impact in partnership with the local church through teams of evangelists, mission workers, and business professionals.

Our Vision for Mission in Romania

In formulating what our ministry approach will look like, one concept is materializing front and center: “What does it mean to have a handful of committed team members, partnering with local churches and ministries, who are dedicated to evangelizing and meeting people where they are and drawing them into places where they can hear the gospel?” The opportunities to create such scenarios are endless! Simple conversations over coffee, mentorships, Lunch ‘n Learn (for the business side of things), sports camps, English camps, village outreaches, etc. All of these possibilities create environments for TMFC team members to have ongoing relationships with unsaved people in an engaging and relevant way.

Jeremy and Gerry enjoyed dinner with new friends in Romania

We desire to have people “get in the boat with Jesus” as we encourage them to become more than curious onlookers, but rather active participants in seeking The Truth. Eventually, our heart’s desire is to witness everyone “taste and see that the Lord is good” and celebrate with them as they arrive at a place of surrender to Jesus!

Team Building Vision for Galati and Cluj

Ten Million for Christ is developing a firm foundation to build teams in two places: the cities of Galati and Cluj. In each location, we have flourishing relationships with a number of outstanding leaders. Some of the key relationships go back many years, and others have recently blossomed.  

Jeremy with Eugen and Stefanica in Galati
Jeremy with Eugen and Stefanica in Galati

For example, in Galati, TMFC has deep relational roots. Ovidiu Ghita is the lead pastor at the Baptist church who worked closely with Jeremy 25 years ago and has enthusiastically welcomed him and Ten Million for Christ to partner with his church. Most recently, Ovidiu invited Jeremy to address the youth on Saturday night and the entire congregation on Sunday night during the Spring Ministry trip. Another important relationship in Galati is with Eugen Iordache, assistant pastor at the Pentecostal church.  He and his wife Nicoleta knew Gabriela when she was a part of their church, and they have been graciously enthusiastic in helping Ten Million for Christ re-establish in Galati. Eugen not only initiated the idea of the leadership/business seminar that Jeremy and Gerry led in March, but he also assembled a strong team to promote and organize it.  

Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj
Jeremy with Corina and Gerry in Cluj

In Cluj, our friendships don’t have as much history, but they are a wonderful blessing as well! The preparations for the TMFC business seminar in Cluj were led by Corina Pirvu, Director of Way of Truth Ministries. She enlisted the help of coworkers, family, and friends to publicize, prepare, and host this strategic event. Through her contacts she was able to have Jeremy, Gerry, and one of the other seminar speakers interviewed live on a radio station in Cluj. She also served as the seminar translator. Without Corina’s leadership, and the “all-hands-on-deck” enthusiasm of her team, TMFC could not have successfully hosted the ground-breaking seminar in Cluj.   

Regional Teams by Late 2019

In seeking to establish regional teams in Romania in the second part of 2019, we will be intentionally sharing within our growing network of relationships that Ten Million for Christ’s vision and mission for evangelism and revival rests upon building strong teams of volunteers and staff members who are devoted to reaching their country in creative ways with the gospel. This will take place during our summer and fall ministry trips through personal meetings and larger gatherings held in concert with the local churches.

Our hope is to have our first official TMFC team members by September or October. TMFC is already in communication with a husband and wife team who have expressed their desire to join us as business coaches and we are confident that others will join them in various roles. We are looking for a wide variety of talents to fill TMFC teams: evangelists, mission workers, administrators, event planners, and more. These individuals will start as volunteers and as we advance, they will grow into paid staff positions.

Please join us in focused prayer for TMFC teams to break out and grow in Galati and Cluj! We’d love to have you join us sometime soon on a ministry trip to Romania and help us!

Why Romania and Why Ten Million for Christ?

Why Romania and Why Ten Million for Christ?

by Gerry Blitz

Gerry with some of the boys from House of Hope

Why TMFC? That’s a question I pondered many times in an abstract sense since I’ve become connected to this ministry. But now, here on the ground in Romania, it took on a singular thrust. Because I was called, because I was sent.

The story of Ten Million for Christ follows a similar fashion. Over 25 years ago, Jeremy Leaman was asked to lead a Youth Evangelism Service team (young adult missions) to Romania, an Eastern European nation in its democratic infancy, after having been liberated from decades of communist tyranny. Over the 15 months that he spent in Romania, Jeremy learned the language and fell in love with the people, the food, and the culture. Having recently spent some time there myself, I must say this isn’t too surprising because the people are warm and friendly and the food is terrific. Yet there was something more that God placed in Jeremy’s heart during that time, a burning desire to evangelize and see the people of Romania enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christianity, in a general sense, permeates the culture; you could even say it is part of the national psyche. It seems that every village, no matter how small, has an Orthodox Church, with spires pointing towards the heavens. However, its personal impact on the day to day lives of the surrounding people is minimal.

The next time Jeremy returned to Romania he fell in love again, this time with Gabriela, who would soon become his wife. During the early years of their marriage, they made several trips back to Romania. Sometimes they went to visit family, but Jeremy also spent time ministering and building kingdom connections. While focusing on raising their four children, they did not return to Romania for about 10 years. That was until several years ago when, in the midst of a life transition, God spoke clearly to Jeremy and Gabriela to engage in international missions and once again called them to minister in Romania! This led to the formation of Ten Million for Christ, as God began orchestrating events and leading Jeremy and Gabriela to step out in faith. The name itself, Ten Million for Christ, is a declaration of faith born out of a desire to see the nation of Romania radically transformed in revival by the work of the Holy Spirit calling lost people to Father God.

So why specifically TMFC? We have been called by God to evangelism and partnership with local Romanian churches and ministries to build relationships and seek revival for their nation. Romania is a unique nation. In some ways it is a developing country operating in the historical framework of an ancient nation that goes back to Roman times. It is not an unreached people, but there is an undeniable spiritual need and yearning. Years of communist oppression have stunted the spiritual and economic landscape of this beautiful country. For that reason, TMFC is committed to evangelizing Romania by proclaiming the gospel, training leaders, impacting the business world with mission-minded coaches and consultants, and sharing the love of Christ by meeting the needs of the marginalized.